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Professional and General Liability Insurance for First Aid Safety Trainers

If you are providing First Aid, CPR, AED, or any form of health and safety training, you should have your own professional liability insurance policy. Even if you receive Professional Liability coverage through an employer (Fire Department, Hospital, Ambulance Service, etc.), odds are you will not be insured for any independent training or instruction you perform outside the scope of your official position.

At any time, in any given situation, an unsatisfied individual can choose to bring a complaint against you. When people file a lawsuit, they usually name everyone they perceive as being involved in the situation—including you, your business and even those who share your office space. As a general rule, claimants sue as many individuals as possible. Even if you win the lawsuit, the legal fees can be staggering.

The First Aid Safety Trainers (FAST) insurance program conveniently combines Professional and General Liability into one policy form to protect the professional, business and personal financial interests of instructors and training centers nationwide.

The FAST insurance plan is administered by Hays Affinity, a division of Hays Companies and is underwritten by Lloyd's of London.

NOTE: Coverage is being offered through the Allied Health Professional Purchasing Group, a risk purchasing group that was established for Allied Healthcare Professionals. By completing an application and purchasing the insurance, you are becoming a member of the Allied Health Professional Purchasing Group.

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"The turn-around-time for processing forms, the courtesy, and the assistance your company has provided have all exceeded expectations. It should also be noted that the price for the insurance is less than going with a private provider. Having the insurance has been a critical tool for us to continue our work."

D. Smith

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